Kampen om Sørpolen - 2009

Kampen om Sørpolen (Battle on the ice) is the first race to the South Pole since Scott and Amundsen in 1911. The race was an international event consisting of six teams, including a Norwegian team. The distance of the competition was 800 km at 2800 meters altitude. Antarctica is the coldest, windiest and driest climate of earth and the race places extreme physical and mental demands. Initially in the competition the British team was a head of us with 5-6 hours. Stian had struggled with stomach problems and Rune had developed severe blisters. Having hunted the British for 6 days, we finally caught up with them. The intensity increases being the first team to reach the checkpoint, halfway to the South Pole. We decide to go the last 90 km in one leg, hoping to be first out.

As we approach the finish line at the South Pole, we have not seen any of our competitors in many days. Our bodies are on the brink of collapse, both physically and mentally. The mental stress of being in a competition, not knowing where the competitions are, is a great strain. Complete lack of stimulus means that the road between heaven and hell is very short. Our childhood dream of the South Pole is overshadowed by fatigue, competition, and hallucinations. We decide to ski the last 100 km to the South Pole without sleep, hoping to win the first race to the South Pole since Scott and Amundsen, and defend the honor of Norway.

Do you want to hear how the race ended and gain an insight into our life in Antarctic? Please contact us if you want a customized presentation, peppered with photos and movie clips. Ben Fogle, on the British team QinetiQ, gave a characteristic description of racing in Antarctica “Antarctica will bite you, swollow you and then spit you out as a broken man”.

Kampen om Sørpolen 2009

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