Greenland 2012

Storm Adventures AS crossed the icecap of Greenland 2012 from West to East. The expedition started in Kangerlussuaq, Søndre Strømfjord, the 18th of May in perfect weather. From point 660 the glacier was like a labyrinth with a lot of melting water. It was challenging finding an efficient route through the terrain, and we knew a lot of expeditions had been cancelled this season because of hard conditions regarding melting water. On the third day we started skiing at about 1000 meters above sea level. The terrain changed to an elongated white plateau, rising to 2500 meters above sea level. After 10 days of skiing we reached DYE II at 2100 meters above sea level. During these days we faced whiteout, heavy snowfall and clear blue sky.


The weather was perfect most of the days from DYE II to the sea on the East coast. During night time we had -25°C, but during daytime we experienced up to +15°C. The snow conditions were perfect. We skied for 8 hours every day and covered about 30 km. On the descent to the shoreline we experienced crevasses, nunataks and small rivers. We managed to find a good route by skiing during night time. On the sea ice, to the pick-up point we saw fresh polar bear tracks. We were picked up by an Inuit from a settlement called Isortoq. We reached Isortoq on the 6th of June after 20 days of skiing. From here we went by boat to Tasiilaq, which took us 28 hours because of iceberg drifting from the ocean to the coastline and closing the seaway. We slept on the rocks, hunted birds and met a couple of seal hunters. Crossing the icecap of Greenland was a really great expedition which we recommend you do, if you are looking for an outstanding adventure.

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