About Storm


Storm Adventures works closely with clients, structuring personalized itineraries to suit individual hopes and desires.  Our unrivaled level of expertise means that with Storm your adventure truly has no limits.


Our Promise


Whether your wish is to fly fighter jets to the South Pole, or cave dive in Mexico, Storm can make it happen. Our aim is to deliver the ultimate designer adventure, crafted exclusively to match your personal vision.


At Storm we believe that any adventure can be experienced in comfort, luxury and style. We understand the importance of attention to detail when facilitating your once-in-a-life-time adventure and relish the challenge of fulfilling your hopes and dreams, no matter how extreme.


Storm is a solution orientated company with an outstanding level of personalized service. We customize each individual adventure to suit specific needs and requirement no matter how demanding.


Our exclusive custom-made packages are entirely unique, and can encompass anything from the most extreme adrenaline sport, to an exquisitely romantic meal for two on an untouched mountain top.


Where ever your imagination takes you, Storm can take you too


Experience Storm


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